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Welcome to the Environment and Food Foundation

Founded in 2017, the Environment and Food Foundation (E2F) has dedicated the past years to bridging the gap between environmental conservation and human wellbeing. Our mission is to halt and reverse the alarming threats facing marine, freshwater, and terrestrial ecosystems by collaborating with indigenous and local communities (IPLC), youth, and women.

Our Triple Commitment

At the heart of the Environment and Food Foundation (E2F) lies a steadfast commitment to three core pillars that define our purpose and guide our actions:

Nurturing Cameroon's Vital Ecoregions

We strategically focus on three priority ecoregions. These areas hold unique significance as they provide critical marine, freshwater, and terrestrial ecosystem services to surrounding communities.

South-West Region

Littoral Region

South Region

Our Goals : Preserving Africa’s Vitality

Our goals are firmly rooted in the conservation of Africa’s natural heritage, the empowerment of local communities, and the sustainable coexistence of nature and society. Through strategic initiatives and dedicated efforts, we are committed to ensuring that Africa’s vibrancy endures, enriching both its environment and its people.

Preserving Ocean Health

Empowering Nature-Based Solutions

Conserving Forests for Tomorrow

Promoting Sustainable Agriculture

Our projects in action

With unwavering commitment, we breathe life into our mission through a spectrum of dynamic projects spanning environmental conservation, sustainable development, and community engagement. Each project embodies our dedication to creating a lasting positive impact, fostering a harmonious coexistence between people and the planet.

Collection & Valorization of plastic bottles

ALDFG Reduction Initiative

Mangrove Restoration for Climate Adaptation

Protecting Lake Ossa from Invasive Aquatic Plants (AIP)

In Douala, plastic waste has become a crisis due to population growth and increased production. To address this, the E2F launchs a project to collect and recycle plastic bottles to create a sustainable waste management system.

The E2F works to reduce abandoned fishing gear along Cameroon’s Atlantic coast with the ‘Cameroon-ALDFG Reduction Initiative.’ The presence of ALDFG threatens marine ecosystems, wildlife, and coastal communities. The initiative will develop sustainable solutions and engage stakeholders to reduce the impact of ALDFG.

The Cameroon Estuary Mangroves, covering 45% of Cameroon’s mangroves, span 188,000 hectares along the Wouri Estuary. They depend on preservation due to deforestation, pollution, and unsustainable practices. These wetlands provide a habitat for diverse marine life and are essential to the livelihood of coastal communities. The Cameroon ghost shrimp is an example of the species that dwells in this wetland.

Lake Ossa in Cameroon is home to diverse flora and fauna, including vulnerable African manatees and invasive aquatic plants that threaten the lake’s ecology. To address this issue and protect the lake’s ecological integrity, the “Climate Emergency: Protecting Lake Ossa from Invasive Aquatic Plants” project will tackle the proliferation of these plants.

Our partners

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Environment and Food Foundation (E2F) | Photo Gallery | Lake Ossa project (mechanical removal of Salvinia molesta)
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Join Us in Action

Whether you are passionate about conservation, eager to represent us as an ambassador, seeking an internship opportunity, or simply want to explore Cameroon’s natural beauty, there are several ways you can get involved with E2F.